1.What is Plus membership?

# It means you can download the unlimited freebie contents with only $10 per month membership.

2.What is restricted post?

# Its means only Plus members can access the post or freebie and download freely.

3.What is the membership payment method?

# You can become a plus member with paid by PayPal.It means Paypal is the payment method.

4.What is the payment method for the shop?

# Paypal is worldwide and Bkash is only for Bangladesh.


1.Where Does We get freebies from?

# You will get all elements from envato elements,creative market,themeforest and others.Also licence with premium file freely.

Tool or Affiliates

1.What is this?

# This is a service that means you can buy any of cloth and other elements from this section.

2.From here?

# Amazon, and other sites that have an affiliate service it will be here.


1.Upload on the site?

# You can upload your content in the site.

2.How I can Upload on the site?

# You can upload your content in the site by sign up and then sign in the site then you can show a menu that services under this you can  see the

submit your freebies


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